Mt. Bierstadt Winter Ascent

Distance: 10.12 miles Elevation gain: 3,308 feet Date: February 27, 2019 Time: 7 hours 21 minutes Bathrooms: Clean, flushing toilets in the Georgetown Visitor Center (year-round option); Summer hikers can benefit from toilets at the...


REVIEW: Combat Wipes

GEAR REVIEW: COMBAT WIPES Outdoor Cleansing & Hygiene Wipes Consecutive days in the wilderness without access to a shower generally means stench.  I spent much of the past climbing season covered in sweat, dirt,...


Meet Raina

I live for adventure! The quintessential Sagittarius who starts every day by checking my horoscope, I thrive on trying new things and get bored with too much repetition. I’ll try just about anything, whether...