Author: Summit Chicks


2018 Highpointing Reflections

We’ve been saying this for years, but our sign at Fort Reno, DC’s Highpoint, is ALMOST HERE!  We have a near final design.  Next steps are fabrication and installation with hopefully a dedication ceremony,...


2017 Reflections

Thank you to our readers for the support and open dialogue this year!  We love connecting with each of you. We’ve been talking about this for years, but our sign at Fort Reno is making...


High Pointing Map

Here’s a look at our completed highpoints. Interested in why we have this goal?  Read about it here.


Review: Vital 4U Screamin Energy Max Hit

Vital 4U’s Screamin Energy Max Hit should be a staple in your pack. We’ve come to rely on Screamin Energy Max Hit for our endurance needs.  Between High Intensity Interval Training, boxing, yard work,...


2016 Reflections

Created with   This year changed us.  We’re leaving 2016 more humble than we entered it, with a heightened appreciation for the effects of mountain conditions.  The 11 hours of non-stop torrential rain...