Delaware: Ebright Azimuth (448 feet)

Distance: A short walk from wherever you can find legal parking in the neighborhood
Elevation gain: negligible
Bathrooms: Available at the many strip malls along the way, but none at the HP

Raina: December 2013

Delaware’s highpoint is about ten minutes off of 95 in northern Delaware near the PA state border.  It’s in the middle of a community, marked with a nice sign.  The USGS marker is to the left of the sign on the ground, near a cut out piece of sidewalk.  Anyone can make this HP, including those in a wheelchair.

Things to Know:

1)    If you need a pit stop, there’s a Dunkin Doughnuts between the HP and 95.

2)   The USGS marker is on the same side of the street as the sign.  Evidently, there are three of them, but this one qualifies as a HP marker.

Jill: May 24, 2015


Delaware is a state I don’t know much about. I drive through it at least once a year, but really all I could tell you is that Joe Biden lived there, and it was the first state to ratify the Constitution. Literally I have never met a single person from Delaware. That makes me feel bad.

Despite my intentions to get to know Delaware, we didn’t spend much time at the highpoint because by the time we got there I was very over-caffeinated and hangry. Still, I very much appreciated the bench and sign that the residents of Delaware had obviously erected with pride (see the summitpost article on Ebright Azimuth for more.) I still don’t know much about Delaware, but I look forward to learning more.


Ebright Azimuth is only 30 minutes from downtown Philadelphia, which makes it a very convenient highpoint if you’re taking a trip to Philly or have business there.

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