Florida: Lakewood Park (345 feet)

Florida was the first of six high points in an intense five-day road trip of the deep south.  Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana would follow respectively.  Sorry, Missouri, I’m assured that you are firmly considered Midwest, but there was no easy way to visit your highpoint, so you are lumped in with the south.

DSCN4247Florida’s highpoint of Lakewood Park (a.k.a. Britton Hill) at 345 feet is drivable and flat.  Walk a few yards to the small cement statue and you’re done.  Florida gets points for offering a bathroom at their high point – – with toilets that flush.  Given that this never-ending road trip often included hours without passing a public toilet, this was monumental for me.

With such a long trip ahead of us, our visit to Florida’s HP was about the length of a normal pit stop.  We were in and out after snapping a few pictures, and of course, using the restroom.



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