Missouri: Taum Sauk Mountain (1,772 feet)

Leaving Mississippi, we headed north to Missouri.

DSCN4306 DSCN4308

Several grueling hours later we arrived at Missouri’s HP.  Along the way, we passed a farm with what appeared to be kangaroos on it.  Seriously.  Kangaroos.  We arrived with enough daylight left, for the 1 mile RT stroll.  MO offers a register and a USGS marker.  The paved path is well maintained, easy to find, and easy to follow.  I’d even describe the experience as peaceful.


MO’s bathrooms at the trailhead are essentially Porta Johns with walls surrounding them.  I appreciate the ability to use a bathroom, but these were by no means glamorous.

While there is no view at the summit, the mountain does have a nice overlook area on the way driving in and out.  The non-HP overlook is worth a quick stop to reward you for your car’s work of climbing 1,772 feet.

We continued to Farmington, MO for the night, where we enjoyed a delicious dinner at 12 West that included fried pickles which are completely worth the calories.

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