REVIEW: Roasting Stick-Mate

Keeping a Roasting Stick-Mate with your camping supplies isn’t essential, but it will make your time around the fire so much more fun.

You’ve probably all been there. It seems like so much fun to roast food on sticks in theory, but when you actually do it you realize it can take forever. How many times have you eaten a marshmallow your kid gave you that was either raw, or char broiled because they set it on fire when they were too impatient to roast it properly?  The roasting stick mate solves this problem by holding your stick for you, leaving you free to enjoy your fire. Your s’mores, and all other types of open fire cooking will be transformed.

The roasting stick-mate is adjustable and holds most roasting sticks from the fancy ones you buy at store to actual sticks you find on the ground. You simply  stick the pointed end in the ground, and allow the roasting stick-mate to hold your stick for you. If your ground is hard it’s no problem. You can simply twist the unit back and forth until your hole is deep enough. This is a very simple, yet very helpful piece of equipment.

I tested two roasting stick-mates with my fire pit. Both the camp cooker and the cowboy cooker held my metal stick, and a wooden stick from the ground perfectly. I was able to cook tacos in a bag and bread on a stick all while reading a book. I can’t wait to bring these on an actual camping trip.



✅ Makes campfire cooking fun for both kids and parents
✅ Easy to use with a variety of roasting sticks
✅ Solves a problem I didn’t know I had

Note: ViaECorp provided me with a product to test in exchange for an honest review.

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