30 Mile Super Hike

In September 2013 we decided it wouldn’t be a big deal if we spent a day walking 30 miles from York, PA to Lancaster, PA as part of the Keystone Trails Association Super Hike.  After all, to moms of young kids, any type of day away seems like a vacation, especially if you get food and t-shirts for your effort.  Here are 5 super things and 5 not-so-super things about the Super Hike.

Super Things:

1)     The scenery was amazing.

2)     The trail was well marked, and there was never any doubt that we were going the right way.

3)     Breakfast at Sheetz at 4 am is surprisingly delicious.

4)     Bragging rights.  We are way more badass than we look.  Not only did we do the super hike, but Raina whipped out a huge knife on a moving bus to cut tape needed to wrap her foot, and Jill got stung by a bee, but only stopped for a second to remove the stinger.

5)     Spending a day walking together is never a bad thing.

Not-So-Super Things:

1)     Perhaps it is our natural enthusiasm for stupid things that sound crazy, but we were under prepared for just how much of a race this would be.  In order to reach the checkpoints in the required time, we couldn’t stop to eat, drink, take pictures, or pee.  Everything else is negotiable, but we are not ones to skip taking pictures.

2)     The volunteers were somewhat hostile.  One ate all of the m&ms out of the trail mix at a pit stop, and another yelled when we asked where the buses stopped.

3)     The logistics of parking at the finish line in the pitch black at 4 am in order to catch a bus to the starting line were mind numbing.

4)     The course seemed needlessly long for walkers (most ran the course).

5)     The promised t-shirts were huge, scratchy, and fluorescent.

Overall, it was a positive experience, and we hear that many of our complaints are being addressed this year.  We’ll be back at some point, Pennsylvania.  Look out.



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