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Review: Medi-Dyne 2Toms ButtShield

2Toms ButtShield works.  Period. I feel like I could end the review there, but that probably wouldn’t help in your decision making.  Allow me to elaborate. ButtShield solves the friction problem that comes along...


REVIEW: Fuel 100 Electro-Bites

Like most distance hikers and runners, we rely heavily on gels, bars, and chews to keep ourselves going. We’re always looking for something new, and were excited to try a variety of Fuel100’s Electro-Bites, including:...


REVIEW: Ossipee Women’s Midweight Crew

Garments with flexibility are important.  It’s sometimes the deciding factor on whether or not a piece is worth the investment.  This merino wool base layer boasts flattering line darts down the front, which makes...