Family Hike: High Bridge Trail, VA

Distance: 31 miles (The high bridge is located near the River Road parking lot close to Farmville, VA)
Elevation gain: negligible
Date: July, 2015
Bathrooms: Various options along the trail, plus in towns


This summer I saw a picture of the High Bridge Trail on Pinterest, and clicked on it right away. I was amazed and thrilled when I found out that the park was in Virginia, and sent the link to my husband. The next thing I knew we were making plans to go that weekend. Isn’t summer vacation great?

High Bridge Trail is a reclaimed rail bed, and the hands down centerpiece of the trail is the high bridge, which takes you 125 feet above the Appamatox River. This trail is in no way challenging in terrain or elevation, but it was very interesting for all of us. In my book, that makes it a winner. We spent a lot of time exploring the bridge, and enjoying the many pull offs for scenic views. High Bridge was also the location of a Civil War battle, and we enjoyed exploring the ruins of the forts just past the bridge.

I loved that the trail was wide, and didn’t seem too overused. We were passed by many bikers and joggers, but I never felt like I had to worry about them running down my kids. Everyone had plenty of space to do their thing. Next time I think we’ll bring our bikes, and see more of the trail.


We stopped for lunch in Farmville after our hike. Farmville seems like a town that is definitely worth exploring on a future trip. The main street was filled with industrial buildings that have been rebuilt into boutiques and interesting places to eat.

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