Mississippi: Woodall Mountain (806 feet)

Day 2, we left AL, swinging first into MS, then up to MO.  Mississippi found us driving up a gravel road to the summit that sometimes had us questioning our judgment.  Maybe it was the build of the rental car, but the steep ups and downs of that narrow, seemingly unstable road without a guardrail made for an adventure to the top.  At the top, there’s plenty of room to turn around before reliving the adrenaline rush on the way down.

DSCN4300 DSCN4285
The beginning of the road to the summit before it got steep and treacherous.

Mississippi’s HP has a register in a mailbox, a USGS marker, and a nice bench.  MS also offers a modest view and two cell towers.  Those with Verizon or AT&T should have a strong signal at the top; anyone with Sprint/Virgin Mobile will be less fortunate.  No bathrooms at MS’s HP.

DSCN4287 DSCN4290

With our aggressive agenda, we could not stay long.  On to Missouri!

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