Nauset Marsh Trail, Cape Cod National Sea Shore

Nauset Marsh Trail

When it rained on our beach vacation this year, we used the opportunity to fit in a hike along the Cape Cod National Sea Shore.  We all enjoyed a pleasant morning walking along the Nauset Marsh Trail. The trail is flat and interesting, with lovely views of the pond and the many swans who live there. I had to carry my three year old through most of the 1.3 mile loop, but I think that had more  do with her needing some attention than not being able to make the walk. My six year old made it in flip flops.

The trail is right next to the Salt Pond Visitor Center on Route 6. Salt Pond has bathrooms, a museum, and a gift shop. There are many of the sea food shanty type resturaunts we love along Route 6 near the visitor center, so you can make a day of it. Beach parking costs $10, but parking at the visitor center is free.

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