REVIEW: is your one stop shop when gear threatens to overwhelm your house…or you just need one more thing.


This spring we had a long term guest which meant I had to clean all of my hiking and camping gear out of the guest bedroom. I was in shock how much stuff we had. It didn’t seem like we had bought a lot of gear, but I guess when you buy things piece by piece you just don’t notice how much you accumulate.

That’s why I was happy to learn about, the site where you buy and sell your gear. You can list your goods for a year with no listing fees, and you can upload unlimited photos. What a relief for people like me!

I used to list a pair of boots that I’m no longer using, and was amazed at how user friendly it was. The site walks you through the whole process, and includes little selling tips to help you along. You simply add your pictures, and fill in some information about your gear. You can decide on your own price, and even allow the site to decrease it if your listing has been up for a while. Payments are made 2-4 weeks after the sale by check.

My boots haven’t sold yet, but when they do I might have my eye on a backpacking tent!

Update January 2017: My boots sold! Shipping them was an easy process. You just have to be sure to provide a tracking number within a week or so. A few weeks after shipping, without any more effort on my part, I had a check in my hands.

Disclosure of Material Connection: Summit Chicks is a partner of, but received no material compensation for this review.

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