REVIEW: Haeleum – GLEAM Shirt

Haeleum Gleam shirt is comfortable, stylish, and high performance.


Haeleum Gleam withstands the rigors of intense workouts

Haeleum Gleam Rhodonite Red withstands the rigors of both indoor and outdoor exercise.  After several hours in the gym, my face and hair will be dripping, but this shirt looks and feels dry.  The performance of its wicking ability is so great that a fellow gym member noticed unprompted and asked me what shirt I was wearing because “it clearly does its job.”  I’m even able to wear it for hours after the gym because the fabric doesn’t hold odor in.  So, plan to run errands post-workout in this shirt without the worry of smelling!


Love the raised detail of the seam on Haeleum Gleam

This shirt is comfortable and flattering.  The raised seams along the sides enhances the shirt’s visual appeal – I love that detail.

Haeleum Gleam does just as well outdoors as it does in the gym.  What’s great about this insect repellent clothing is that it works.  I went for a 7 mile day hike through the woods with two others.  Both of my companions felt assaulted by flying insects, which kept their distance from me.  None of us were wearing insect repellent spray, so this shirt passes the test.

When selecting a size, I had most measurements in a smaller size and one measurement in the size up.  Cautiously, I went with the bigger size, but wish I hadn’t.  I prefer shirts that are fitted, which I believe the smaller size would be.  While still flattering in the size up, it becomes a challenge for exercises like push-ups, bear crawls, and burpees, requiring that I tuck the shirt in.  If you prefer fitted shirts and straddle the line between two sizes, go a size down.  If you prefer some extra room, go with the larger size.



✅  Comfortable
✅  Flattering
✅  High performance wicking
✅  Insect repellent feature that works
✖ If you straddle two sizes and prefer fitted garments, go with the smaller size


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Gleam Rhodonite Red shirt for free from Haeleum in consideration for a gear review.

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