REVIEW: GRB Glutathione Rapid Boost Energy Drink


GRB works and tastes great


Rob Keller MD’s Glutathione Rapid Boost (GRB) energy drink is a nice boost with a great taste.



I am working hard to get back into running after bad blisters forced me to take a month off this summer. For anyone who has faced this kind of thing before you know that it’s really hard to struggle with something that used to come easy to you. That’s why during my first long run this fall I was really happy I had mixed some Rob Keller MD’s Glutathione Rapid Boost drink mix in to my water bottle. About 3/4 of the way through my run I was really feeling sluggish and demoralized. Drinking GRB gave me a nice life to finish my run when I felt like quitting.

I was pleasantly surprised at the nice fruit punch flavor, and was really pleased that there was no aftertaste. I mixed one packet with 10 oz water, and it was the perfect flavor for my taste buds.

My only challenge was that my water bottle holds 14 oz water, and the mix makes 8-12 oz of drink according to the package. This was fine for running since I was getting in my car and going home after. However for hiking I would be annoyed that my choices would be to not totally fill my water bottle, or have to use 1 1/2 packets and carry around an extra half packet after that. So, I’ll run with these again, but probably pick something else for long hikes.



The taste of this energy boost holds just the right amount of flavor, comes in a convenient, lightweight package that stows easily, and quickly helps with muscle recovery.

Some recovery powders or pre-mixed drinks have a superficial sweet aftertaste.  This doesn’t.  This drink goes down easily and has a pleasant berry taste.  In fact, after some workouts, I had two just because it tasted so good.

Packaging is perfect to toss in the gym bag or hiking pack.  It’s small and light and tears open easily when you’re ready to mix with water.

Muscle recovery is as advertised.  I tested this several times between strenuous workouts.  After drinking GRB, I felt none of the residual muscle soreness that I usually do after several hours at the gym.  I also drank GRB after my recent attempt on Nevada’s highpoint.  I felt a notably quicker recovery the following day than I would have otherwise.

Like Jill mentioned, if the serving size paired neatly with a 16.9 oz bottle of water, this energy boost would be ideal.


GRB has convenient, lightweight packaging


✅ Great taste – right balance of flavor
✅ No aftertaste
✅ Convenient
✅ Lightweight
✅ Quick muscle recovery
✖ Only makes 8-12 oz – not enough for most water bottles


Disclosure of Material Connection: We received Rob Keller MD’s Glutathione Rapid Boost for free from Rob Keller in consideration for a gear review.


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