Review: Mia V-Neck T-Shirt

Mia V-Neck T-Shirt – Lightweight

Try It, Then Expect to Want One in Every Color.


20150703_130425 copy_FotorI started testing this Merino Wool shirt at a boxing class.* I quickly became a fan as the Mia moved with me comfortably through various combinations, wicked my excessive sweat, and dried super quick. Add to that, it fit so well around the waist, that I didn’t need to tuck it in for anything horizontal such as push-ups, mountain climbers, burpees, or plank.

Next, I tested it during a 7 mile (1,500 feet of elevation gain) hike of South Dakota’s highest natural point, Harney Peak. This hike started in a cloudy 50 degrees of steady rain and ended in about 95 degrees baking in the sun. Despite the wide range of temperatures and weather, this shirt kept me comfortable the entire time. I broke a sweat in the uphill heat, but can’t say I ever really noticed how gross I got.

After the hike and first boxing class, this became my go-to shirt for boxing. My gym is starting to question why I’m all of a sudden living in one shirt. The only times I’ve shown up in a different shirt recently are when I haven’t had a chance to wash this one between classes. I need to buy one in every color.


Highest Natural Point in SD, Harney Peak

It took repeated uses in a high-sweat environment to identify additional nuances. Turns out, my biggest challenge to drying quickly is now my wicking sports bras. Yes, the Mia is more effective than high performance sports bras. Noodle that over.  This led me back to WoolX’s website in search of such a companion item.  I didn’t see any, but if WoolX adds one or two to their line, we’ll be all set.


Other Thoughts:

I sometimes wear high performance gear one time before washing. I went with that approach for the Mia, but found myself smelling like a wet sheep during that first boxing class. Likewise, after its first time through my washer as it was hanging to dry, my entire laundry room smelled like wet sheep. WoolX says you can run their Merino wool through the drier, but old habits die hard. I still haven’t tried it, though with all of their other claims being accurate, I feel confident this is accurate too. Irrespective of how you opt to dry it, my advice is to wash this garment one time before using. All subsequent uses have smelled great.

Second, consider ordering one size up from your dimensions. It comfortably stretches and your normal size should fit great, but if I’d tried this on in a store, I would have opted to go up one size.

Finally, WoolX offers a No Itch guarantee. I’m allergic to wool. I’m not talking mild irritation; my body will break out into uncontrollable hives that take hours or sometimes days to settle down if I wear wool. True to their claim, this shirt does NOT itch. WoolX guarantees a full refund within 30 days if your shirt itches. You won’t need it.


What I love:

  • Super comfortable. When you’re pushing your body’s limit, the last thing you need interrupting progress is discomfort with a garment. Absolutely not an issue with this shirt.
  • I’m impressed with the wicking capacity. I subjected this shirt to the heavy rigors of boxing and hiking. With sweat pouring off of me, this shirt sopped up the heavy outpour and dried at an astonishing speed.
  • Form fitting in a functional way: Complete ability to do mountain climbers, push-ups, and burpees without tucking in the shirt.
  • Finally, wool that does not itch! If you’re allergic like I am, feel secure with WoolX’s refund guarantee even though you won’t need to take them up on it.


Advice to maximize your experience:

  • Wash it before first use to avoid the wet sheep smell.
  • Consider ordering one size up. If you’re on the cusp, deciding between two sizes, go with the larger one. The dimensions listed are accurate, but expect the shirt to fit like a glove if you go with your normal size.



High performance, comfortable, no-itch shirt, as advertised.  This will quickly become your go-to shirt for anything that involves vast amounts of sweating.  Prepare to want one in every color.

Mia V Neck T-Shirt – Lightweight


Disclaimer: WoolX provided us with this item to test for this review.  All testing is unbiased.  Our policy is – if we love the product, we’ll rave about it.  If we don’t, well, we’ll be honest about it.

*Thank you to my boxing trainer for playing the role of photographer.

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