Review: Vital 4U Screamin Energy Max Hit

Vital 4U’s Screamin Energy Max Hit should be a staple in your pack.


Screamin Energy Max Hit helps recharge between back-to-back HIIT workouts

We’ve come to rely on Screamin Energy Max Hit for our endurance needs.  Between High Intensity Interval Training, boxing, yard work, and local hikes, we’ve enjoyed the almost magical benefits of these energy pouches.

Our favorite feature of Screamin Energy is that it is fast acting.  While not its intended function, if you’re in need of a quick headache fix, this can be your answer.  Nearly instantly after taking Screamin Energy, Raina’s headaches vanish (quicker than using any OTC pill) and she feels ready to take on an intense workout. Jill used Screaming Energy Max Hit pouches as a way to ease back in to trail running this spring.  She expected to be tired and run down after her first run, but noticed that after drinking one pouch before her run, she even had energy for yard work after.  Caffeine addicts rejoice – it even works as a replacement for morning coffee on backpacking trips with the added bonus of helping sustain energy.

Pouches are lightweight, which makes tossing a few extra in the gym bag or the hiking pack a non-issue.  They are easy to open and quick to drink – perfect to consume while not even pausing on the trail.  If you plan to do back-to-back sessions at your gym, Screamin Energy Max Hit is easy to drink – no mess – AND, it’s gentle on an empty stomach.  No need to worry about digestive issues!

Be ready, though, the taste is strong.  The very first sip of the first pouch took both of us by surprise by how strong of a coffee taste it is.  But, once you’re ready for it, it becomes enjoyable.  And, there’s no aftertaste.

Now that we have tried Screaming Energy Max Hit close to home, we’re making plans to use it on some of our long summer climbs. Raina has already set aside several for climbing Mt. Hood. She also plans to stow a carton of these in her pack for Kings Peak, Utah.  Jill is looking forward to trying them on some trail runs, and on her first 14er in Colorado. Stay tuned for updates!

Starting the day with a caffeine hit, followed by sustained endurance will be a great addition to our upcoming climbs.  These are the perfect energy pouch for long, hard endurance activities.

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✅ Works quickly
✅ Lightweight pouches
✅ Convenient for drinking – easy to tear off, quick to drink, and mess-free
✅ Easy on the stomach
✅ No lingering aftertaste
✖ Must enjoy dark coffee for the taste to be palatable – (not a problem for us!)


Getting ready to hit the trails with Screamin Energy Max Hit.











Disclosure of Material Connection: We received Screamin Energy Max Hit for free from Vital 4U in consideration for a gear review.

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