REVIEW: Rovor Chill-Onné 2 Person Double Wide Parachute Nylon Hammock With Tree Straps

After returning home from climbing Mt. Borah, I was ready for some serious relaxation. Rovor’s Chill-Onné 2 Person Double Wide Parachute Nylon Hammock With Tree Straps was the perfect way to help with this important endeavor.

An important part of the hammock experience is getting it set up.  As you start down your road of relaxation, the last thing you want is a frustrating set-up.  That’s not a concern here.  The Rovor hammock hangs easily and is achievable alone.  I was able to hang it in several locations by myself as I searched for the perfect two trees to serve as my anchors.

hammock 3

Awesome tree straps

Perfect location identified, the materials, including the hammock itself and the tree straps, are high quality.  I expected a well designed hammock – and it delivered, but I was surprised and impressed that the tree straps were of equal high quality.  While the tree straps are not designed to remain outside in perpetuity, they feel as though they would hold up just fine through a range of temperatures, weather, and seasons.  Plus, they come in a fun pattern.  For testing, I left the tree straps in place a few weeks, while storing the hammock properly in between uses.  The straps lived through a Washington, DC excessive, humid heat wave and several severe thunderstorms and still looked and felt brand new.

Perhaps most importantly, this hammock is comfortable!  After I’d done the heavy lifting of selecting the appropriate two trees, my daughter decided she’d come help – by laying in it.  She graciously allowed me to share some space with her.  But, as soon as I got out (an hour later to get some water), my husband joined her in the hammock.  When I returned, they both politely told me they did not intend to move.  I could find my own hammock…

hammock 1

I was kicked out of my own hammock. New occupants refused to leave.

Eventually, I was allowed back in, and since my husband refused to get out, I was able to test the fit of two grown people.  True to the design intent of this hammock, two adults fit comfortably.  We had plenty of room for both of us.

hammock 4

Attached pocket offers compact and convenient storage of hammock when not in use. Also good for holding cell phone or other small items when relaxing in the hammock.

Also, the attached pocket, which makes storage compact and convenient, is nice for holding a water bottle, phone, or other small items while you’re happily rocking.

On the first weekend of testing, I put the hammock up on Saturday.  Early Sunday evening I announced I was headed outside to take it down for the week.  That was my intent, but the hammock looked so inviting.  Completely unplanned, I shook out the fallen leaves and climbed in.  Some time later, I jostled awake to the sound of my husband chuckling.  I’d been gone so long he came to see if I was okay.  I relished in delight that the peace and comfort of swinging in the shade of my backyard trees afforded me the ability to take a nap.  What a great way to restore the body after a tough hike.

My one difficulty with the hammock is the twist on one of the carabiners.  It secures in place just fine by hand, but when I attempt to unlock it to take the hammock down, I need to use pliers.  The other carabiner is fine; just one pesky one.  And, really, having a pair of pliers handy is a very small price to pay for a quality, comfortable hammock.  Plus, it fits well in the side pocket.

Several weekends later, I am still loving the comfort and ease of this hammock.  This is a perfect addition to the backyard.



✅ Hangs easily
✅ Comfortable
✅ Fits two adults well
✅ Convenient storage pocket, also good for holding small items when you’re in the hammock
✅ High quality material overall, including tree straps
✖ Carabiners might need assistance to unlock


Deciding between the 2 person hammock and the Single Person Ultralight Backpacking Hammock?  Maybe you need both.  To help inform that decision, check out Jill’s review of the Ultralight Backpacking hammock.



Disclosure: I received Rovor’s Chill-Onné 2 Person Double Wide Parachute Nylon Hammock With Tree Straps for free from Rovor in consideration for review publication.  Opinions are my own; all testing is unbiased.

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