Maryland: Backbone Mountain (3,360 feet)

DSCN3674 DSCN3660 DSCN3654

To celebrate her birthday, Raina decided we should hike to the top of Maryland.  To make it a party, we brought our families along and made a day of it.  It was a beautiful drive through the hills of West Virginia and Maryland, and we found the parking area pretty easily.  We had read that it was a short, easy walk to the top, but the snow and the ice made it a bit of a challenge with three young kids in tow.  We met a lot of friendly people along the way, including two brothers who we also saw at Mt. Davis later in the day, and a family from Indiana who was spending the night in DC.  Maryland receives five stars for a nice high point – it featured a monument, a bench, and a mailbox/high point register.

Happy birthday, Raina!  What do you want to do next year?



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