REVIEW: Minus33 Merino Light Trek Runner Sock

Minus33 Merino Wool Light Trek Runner Sock


The wrong socks can introduce misery to your day, so building trust before you’re committed to a strenuous workout is critical.

I started by wearing these socks to work, which amounts to around 11 hours stuffed inside my shoes without air and about 6 miles of walking. The bottom cushion makes each strike on pavement and hardwood floors comfortable.  In addition to great comfort, these socks wick so well that the sweaty conditions I put my feet through on a regular basis is never an issue. In fact, when I’m wearing these socks, I only ever think of my feet when I actively remind myself to check on the socks.  As an added bonus, these socks seem to have magical powers when it comes to odor control.  Feet emerge from shoes after a full day of containment and immediately smell like they have been shoe-free.

Feeling good about the socks with my normal shoes, I decided to pair them with brand new shoes. I easily was able to break in the new shoes without any threat of blisters.  I’ll throw credit directly to these socks for helping with this endeavor.

On a particularly stormy day at the end of October, I wanted to see how these socks would hold up. This was the kind of day where the wind makes it impossible to use your umbrella and the mere act of opening the door to the outside world soaks you to your core. I’d like to say this idea was all in the name of being a warrior with testing, but the truth is that I need to recharge with walking throughout the day. Weather doesn’t stand in my way. So, out I ventured without the comfort of waterproof footwear… in the name of testing, of course. Less than 1 block into the walk, my shoes were waterlogged. The socks, while cold and wet, still did not threaten blisters. They kept me as comfortable as one can be when subjected to a solid storm without waterproof shoes. When I got back to the office, expecting to be soggy for the rest of the day, I was downright giddy with how quickly they dried. I didn’t time it, but the dry time was quicker than my pants and shoes. Without my shoes holding them down, I bet they would have dried in even half the time.

In addition to torrential downpours, these socks are great for running and regular workouts at the gym. My feet feel like they are on a cloud for things like jumping jacks, jump squats, and sprints.  Plus, the wicking makes them a top choice for strenuous workouts.  Add to that, I’m enamored with the pink/purple color and find the blue to be equally as fun.

The one thing I struggled with is the cushioned lip at the back of the sock. I sometimes found it sliding down into my shoe, but it never hindered the socks’ performance at keeping my feet dry and comfortable.

With great color choices, heightened comfort for athletic and normal activities, and super quick wicking, Minus33’s Merino Wool Light Trek Runner Sock is worthy of your attention.


✅ Superb at wicking
✅ Comfortable cushion
✅ No worries about blisters
✖ Cushioned lip at heel can slide down


Disclaimer: Minus33 provided us with this item to test for this review.  All testing is unbiased.  Our policy is – if we love the product, we’ll rave about it.  If we don’t, well, we’ll be honest about it.

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    […] Looking for a great performance sock? Look no further than Minus33! As Summit Chicks said, “I was downright giddy with how quickly they dried.”  Check out the full review of the Merino Light Trek Runner Sock here! […]

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