REVIEW: Rovor BuddyBlinder Headlamp

headlampIn need of a quality headlamp at a great price? Rovor’s Martel BuddyBlinder 4 Mode LED Headlamp Flashlight has all the trimmings.  

I began wearing this headlamp camping in a torrential downpour in Maine.  Rather than packing batteries for my normal headlamp, I’d brought the Martel BuddyBlinder as a backup to my normal headlamp, which died in the first 3 minutes of night 1.  Turned out to be a happy accident since this headlamp is at least as comfortable and lightweight as my other headlamp – possibly even more!  Comfort and weight are two important qualities I consider for headlamps.  A piece of gear that will likely be on your head for hours at a time on strenuous mountains, sometimes through harsh weather, needs to have both of these attributes.  This one delivers.

In fact, this headlamp is so comfortable, my husband decided to keep it as his own.  He intended to only borrow it once on our Maine camping trip.  But, he liked it so much, he decided to use it for climbing Mt. Borah and continued to wear it for family camping trips and other hiking this summer.  A man who exclusively purchases name brands, gave up his high priced, well-known brand and has since been using only the BuddyBlinder.

In addition to being comfortable gear, this headlamp adjusts to your brightness liking with four settings, two of which are white light (high and low).  The low setting is sufficient to maneuver through terrain.  The high setting, true to its name of BuddyBlinder, will elicit screams of protest and disgust from your climbing partners if you turn it on when they’re accidentally in the line of site.  The red light is nice for reading in the tent at night.

Plus, it’s tough to beat the price, particularly when you balance it with the quality you receive.  The price is such a steal, it’s probably wise to stock up for the whole family plus a few extras for yourself to have on hand.  Also, the holidays are right around the corner – these make great gifts for that hiker/camper in your life.



✅ Comfortable
✅ Lightweight
✅ Adjustable settings allow you to make use of optimal brightness
✅ Great price!


Rovor makes other high quality gear in addition to this headlamp.  Check out our reviews on their Single Person Ultralight Backpacking Hammock and their 2 person hammock.


Disclosure: I received Rovor’s Martel BuddyBlinder 4 Mode LED Headlamp Flashlight for free from Rovor in consideration for review publication.  Opinions are my own; all testing is unbiased.

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