REVIEW: C2 Performance Tights

In the month I’ve been testing the Performance Tights by C2, I lived in them for every usual activity I do – skiing, hiking, running, biking, boxing, kickboxing, and power walking.  I quickly began wearing them for non-athletic things like telecommuting, grocery shopping, watching TV, napping, and writing this review. For every activity, they offered extreme comfort and performed highly like I needed them to.  Comfortable, cozy, superior performance, and versatile, these high quality performance tights are a critical addition to your exercise apparel.


C2 Performance Tights – pausing on a trail run


C2 Performance Tights from the back



For my first trial, I pulled them on for a kickboxing workout.  They kept me comfortable for a high intensity workout, wicking immediately and drying the sweat pretty much as it formed.  During one drill, we bear-hugged the bag with our bodies completely off the floor.  I felt dry, but when I dismounted at the end of the drill, I was surprised to see a sweat mark on the bag where my legs had been.  No matter how much I sweat, I feel completely dry – and am actually dry by the time I reach my car.  When I kick the bag, my legs further appreciate the soft fabric and glove-like, stretchy fit, free of zippers.


A look inside the C2 Performance Tights – the fleecy-soft fabric keeps you warm

In Utah, I forgot to check the temperature, but I skied in weather that required a turtle fur and the vents in my helmet to be closed.  Cold. I wore these tights as my base layer and felt cozy the entire day, even when riding the frosty, windy lifts.  Not only that, but in all of the demanding skiing, where I tend to sweat heavily, they kept me feeling dry from first lift through closing.  To illustrate how quickly these dry, when I pull them out of the washer, they’re pretty much already fully dry.  For sure, these outperform my normal base layers.


C2 Performance Tights on the trail in Utah

Following skiing, we did some hiking in Utah in temperatures that spanned from 24 degrees (and snow) to a jacket-free 54 degrees.  My legs felt the same level of warmth and comfort in 24 degrees as they did in warmer temps.  If not for my arms wearing a different material, I would not have noticed the temperature swing.  In fact, I was more comfortable this day – only in these tights – than the prior day at around 35 degrees wearing my normal base layer and windproof pants.

On power walks and runs, I find myself gravitating toward hills in these tights.  It may sound silly, but these tights seem to encourage me to push myself harder without even thinking about it.  On cold and soggy days that would ordinarily be miserable, I am consistently cozy, toasty, and happy in these tights.

Into biking?  These tights won’t threaten getting caught in the spokes, offer adequate wind protection, and provide comfort that keeps you on the bike longer than you might intend.


Training for upcoming mountains in C2 Performance Tights and Shirt

Structurally, these pants hold up.  After half a dozen washings and more than a dozen demanding activities, these pants still look new.  On at least three occasions while wearing these tights, my cat appeared out of nowhere and tried to jump onto my lap, but didn’t make it all the way.  This is a normal challenge we face.  To course correct, she digs her claws into my leg and hangs on for dear life.  Miraculously, these tights do NOT have any pulls in them, even though my leg shows evidence of serving as an accidental scratching post.  My favorite jeans, by contrast, have not fared as well.

Having experienced the greatness of these high quality Performance Tights by C2,  I can’t imagine not having them as part of my athletic collection.



✅ Beyond extremely comfortable for any imaginable workout
✅ Versatile – use for biking, hiking, running, camping, gym workouts, or just napping on the couch
✅ Keeps you warm through a range of temperatures – just as good in 24 degrees as they are inside a gym
✅ Wicks and dries lightening fast – for best results, pair with performance underwear
✅ Tough enough to withstand the rigors of repeated washings, demanding workouts, and even cat claws
✅ Did I mention they’re comfortable?  So cozy, you can sleep in them!


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Performance Tights (and black shirt) for free from C2 as coordinated by Outdoor PR in consideration for review publication.

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  1. Caroline says:

    These look awesome! Are these tights see through at all? They don’t look like it, but that’s a problem I have with a lot of my leggings for working out. These might be just what I need!

    • Raina says:

      Hi Caroline, They’re not see through anywhere – excellent coverage all around. These are a good investment!

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