Review: Medi-Dyne 2Toms ButtShield


ButtShield Roll-On

2Toms ButtShield works.  Period. I feel like I could end the review there, but that probably wouldn’t help in your decision making.  Allow me to elaborate.

ButtShield solves the friction problem that comes along with intense, sweaty workouts.  You know the kind – vast amounts of sit-ups, crunches, leg lifts, and other intense core work all on an unforgiving floor.  The kind of exercising you sometimes need to abandon for a few days, not necessarily for your muscles to recover, but for the rug burn plaguing your back or tailbone to heal.

When I agreed to review this product, I was recovering from a particularly bad burn – so intense, I wanted to jump out of the shower because it stung that badly.  Once I healed – two long weeks later, I felt confident I could give this product a thorough test in the field.

Since I started using ButtShield, friction has NOT been a problem.  Not even tenderness the following day.  Its non-greasy barrier doesn’t stain or leave residue on clothing, including performance garments.  It provides seemingly weightless, magical protection.  And, it washes off easily with soap.


I started with the roll-on in a core workout that included 40 minutes of floor time.  Not one bit of burn or residual tenderness.  I was already hooked.

Next, I tried the wipes.  I figured I should get creative and tackle all of the potential hot spots, starting where one of my sports bras sometimes rubs near the arm.  I then added my lower back that hits the mat during sit-ups, and ended with the real problem area of my tailbone.  Wipes were still effective, preventing clothing irritation at each application area even after a 2 mile warm up run, endless bear crawls, and countless punches.  I didn’t leave with any friction burn, but the product didn’t seem to go on as thickly and it was a tad messy on my hands during application.  This could pose a logistical hurdle if applying in the wilderness.


ButtShield Wipes

After several more normal boxing workouts using some form of ButtShield, I returned to the trainer who always wreaks havoc on my tailbone.  This time I came prepared with my secret defense: the roll-on.  I have trained with him for a year and a half and have never once left with a happy tailbone, even when I use a floor mat.  When students complain about their tailbones, rather than adjust the workout, he advises them to sit on ice packs the evening of class.  That day, his workout was just as punishing as usual, but my tailbone remained in tact!  I left class with that deep, quiet contentment that comes from finally solving a complex problem.  My tailbone didn’t bother me during or after class.  AND, I didn’t have to follow the normal ice pack recovery.  It flipping works that well.


Wipes vs. Roll-0n

  • Wipes allow you to cover multiple areas of your body in a clean way.  If you don’t want to rub your upper arms with a product that’s been on your upper butt, for example, this is a good solution.
  • Wipes are convenient to carry in your hiking pack or gym bag
  • Roll-on seems to create a thicker, longer lasting barrier
  • Roll-on keeps your hands cleaner during application
  • Both wash easily with soap
  • Both effectively prevent friction burns

Bottom line: Both are highly effective, but if you’re only going to invest in one of these for your first trial, my recommendation is the roll-on.



✅ Non-greasy
✅ Washes off easily with soap
✅ Doesn’t stain clothing
✅ Cost effective
✅ It works.  Period.


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received 2Toms ButtShield roll-on and 2Toms ButtShield towelettes for free from Medi-Dyne as coordinated by Outdoor PR in consideration for review publication.

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